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thomash at 01:39 20. 12. 2005

cudri: that looks really better;-) thanks

JosefF at 00:37 20. 12. 2005

Nizhniy Novgorod: Try to look to Overall results. There is score OK. (Without yesterdays points :) )

cudri at 00:36 20. 12. 2005

thomash: go to the Scoreboard on the left, then Overall results on the right and then find your name at the bottom. this position looks better then 2118 :-)

BERNAOZDEMIR at 00:31 20. 12. 2005

there is something wrong with the score board.All my points are away too.Please have a look and check it.Thanks

thomash at 20:59 19. 12. 2005

Admin: it seems to be a script problem.If my girlfriend log in, she can see me at the right position, if I log in myself I have no points at all, not even 0. Maybe that information makes it more easy to find the mistake...

thomash at 20:54 19. 12. 2005

Admin: there is again something wrong with the scoreboard :-( All my points are away and I am at position 2118. Please have a look and solve the problem - thank you

Olimore at 12:05 18. 12. 2005

administrator - rules were not broken, why do you keep on doing this, how am i ever meant to compete if you black list me, this is unfair!

cankat at 11:09 18. 12. 2005

is it possible to have more puzzles generated on one day.

hedley at 05:45 18. 12. 2005

yeah i solved another one ! I am so getting used to this game! it is so much better when you know what your doing1

Administrator at 00:31 18. 12. 2005

OK, the update has proceed. You can now play the Laegue. Have fun! :-)

Administrator at 23:53 17. 12. 2005

today, between 11:00 and 11:30 PM GTM you wont be able to play the league. Its because of system engine update. Thanks.

LauraLee at 16:47 17. 12. 2005

oh my gosh....This is the last time I do this while my hubby and son are home/awake.... why cuz it took 1hr 20 min and 42 sec t mpete....aaarrrgghhh

jackiechao at 09:41 17. 12. 2005

helo im new can i can points?

rookie at 07:04 17. 12. 2005

Thanks to thomash and DRand, I can make use of the pencil marks on top of each cell.

rookie at 07:03 17. 12. 2005

Thanks to thomash and DRand, I can make use of the pencil marks on top of each cell.

Ossi at 06:18 17. 12. 2005

Agree with Thomash: Thank you, Admin!! Your do a great job - and please go on!

DRand at 06:10 17. 12. 2005

It looks like the scoring glitvh that occurred on Dec 15th (some getting points, most not) occurred again on Dec 16th.

hedley at 02:10 17. 12. 2005

I would just like to say that I am so proud of myself for solving todays sudoku and thaat I didn give up ... Yeah for me. Boy that was a tough one ! I love this game! And thank you Admins for all your hard work and Happy Holidays to all! Can you tell I am happy that I solved this one lol.

hedley at 02:08 17. 12. 2005

lerak at 22:17 16. 12. 2005

Yoyo: as I have been told by the Admin, it is possible to have more puzzles generated on one day. It may also happen that the script skips one sudoku. In such cases the numbering of games is not correct and you have to seek for the game. E.g. thos month puzzle from Dec 11 you find under number 10: I do not know if there exist also english version. This is a question for Admin :-)

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