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List of Sudoku League FAQ

How the registration works ?

When you send your data by register form and confirmate the rules, you get an e-mail with random password. Login with the password and your name, and you are ready to use the Legue. If you want to change the password, simply click at "settings" at menu on the left, and submitt password you wisch to use.

How to win Sudoku league?

If you want to win the Sudoku league, you must be able to play Sudoku puzzle very quickly, and the best is to play league every day. Of course you must respect the rules and you must be registred.

How to play Sudoku?

The shortest instrucion is: "Fill the grid with numbers 1-9 so that every row, column, and each of nine 3x3 boxes have numbers from 1 to 9". But if you haven't read any Sudoku manual, I recommend you to read instructions from

Who will win the Sudoku league?

Sudoku league will win that player, which will have most points on his account. You get points for every right-filled Sudoku at But it also matter how quick you are. The slowiest player get as many points, as many people solve the Sudoku wrong. The quickiest get as many points, as many players have sent Sudoku today (no matter if in right way or wrong). Players, which fill the grid wrong, will get just one point.
Points are calculted after evaluation of whole day. The evaluation proceeds every midnidnight (European timezone = 11PM Greenwich time).

What if I solve the puzzle wrong?

If you will have some mistake in your solution of puzzle, server find it out, inform you and highlight them with red color immediately after you solve that brain teaser. In "day results" (in players chart) will be inserted wrong solutions, too, but their solving time will be replaced with value "999 minutes 9 sec". This time is a sign of wrong solution of Sudoku puzzle.

What if more people will have the same time?

In case of several players with the same time(accuracy at seconds), will get more points that one, who start to solve today's Sudoku league puzzle earlier. So don't wait with playing Sudoku league and play it as soon as posible!
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