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What is the Sudoku league?

The Sudoku league is an online competition in popular logic game for everyone.


Sudoku is a popular game which demands good logical ability. The goal in Sudoku is to fill the Sudoku table (9x9 cells) with numbers from 1 to 9, as quickly as posible. This must be done so that in each row, column, and each of nine 3x3 boxes no number is repeated. Do you think this doesn't sound fun? Try playing sudoku and you will become an Sudoku addict! (you can find more information about Sudoku at Wikipedia sudoku page.)

Who is the Sudoku league for?

The Sudoku league is here for anyone, who likes Sudoku, and would like to compare his Sudoku skills with other people.

What is the principle of the Sudoku league?

Every day one Sudoku brain teaser is chosen, which each Sudoku league player can solve. The time taken to solve Sudoku will be noticed and saved. At midnight the fastest Sudoku league players will get points according to how fast they were.

The player, who gets the most points in each month, will be placed in the Sudoku league Hall of fame.

Under which conditions I can play in the Sudoku league?

Why play in the Sudoku league online?

Because :

How quickly do you play sudoku?

Find out how good You are at playing Sudoku! Sudoku-league is the easiest way to know! Give just 30 seconds for registration and you can play Sudoku online every day.

Our objective

The objective of web is to create a place where anyone Sudoku can learn, play, take part in Sudoku competitions, improve his skills, compare his speed with others, discuss this brilliant game. In this way we want to link and connect people who likes these crosswords without words. (more about
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